Bistrot La Maison Alyette... a safe bet

The charm of the place, a blend of modernity and tradition, the authenticity and elegance of the setting, the menu of the Morbihan bistronomic restaurant - the list of flattering adjectives all adds up to Maison Alyette, the restaurant on the Domaine de Locguénolé that offers both traditional and refined cuisine.

Bistronomic restaurant in Morbihan, between tradition and modernity

A cuisine with character, featuring local dishes with a touch of finesse and refinement provided by the chef. He has inherited traditions, relied on the seasonality of high-quality local produce, and surrounded himself with the best suppliers of produce from the land and sea. This work, added to his own talent and that of his brigade, is that of Yann Maget, the head chef of the Domaine de Locguénolé restaurants, just a few kilometres from Lorient. Trained by some of France's most emblematic chefs, he knows his classics and was voted Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2022. With his inventive, fresh and passionate cuisine, Yann Maget knows how to give traditional French dishes a youthful flavour. Whether you're a customer of Domaine de Locguénolé or not, you'll be transported to this bistronomic restaurant in Morbihan for a magnificent culinary experience, combining the charm of the setting with the seductive power of the plate.

Maison Alyette: Bistronomic restaurant in Morbihan, a delicious table The bistronomic restaurant in Morbihan, Maison Alyette, is a delight. But hotel guests can still enjoy everything that this restaurant has to offer. First and foremost, breakfast is sure to please. A well-stocked buffet, always fresh produce, specialities from Brittany, honey produced on site, pastries and everything else you can imagine to treat yourself. The bar, l'Apparat, is also a must at Domaine de Locguénolé near Quiberon. With a range of alcoholic beverages from Brittany to the more traditional hot drinks, there's always an excuse to take a break. In this intimate lounge, every glass will have its own special flavour. So it's not just the restaurants in Morbihan that are appealing, it's each and every one of them. And you can invite all your guests here for private or business events.

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