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The Domaine de Locguénolé is a destination that vibrates to the rhythm of its guests and invites you to experience a true culinary voyage.


Locguénolé's two restaurants are run by the same chef, Yann MAGET, a young and talented chef who trained with some of the great names in Paris and San Francisco, and who had the privilege of becoming Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2022.

L'Inattendu, the estate's new gourmet restaurant, located in the splendid glass roof nestling under the right wing of the Château, offers inventive cuisine that leaves plenty of room for the unexpected!

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A tasty stroll between land and sea

Overlooking the indomitable arm of the sea (the Blavet), L'Inattendu has taken up residence in the large glass roof nestling under the right wing of the château. The huge picture windows allow you to enjoy the unique landscapes offered by the surrounding countryside.


When the bistro invites itself to the château

Maison Alyette, the bistro on the garden level of the château, also boasts an exceptional setting, with its panoramic terrace overlooking the clearing and the sea below. In the kitchen, the recipes are traditional, generous and tasty... and everyone agrees.

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The vegetable garden

The hive

The Domaine de Locguénolé is continuing its collaboration with beekeeper Cédric LANIO (Plumelin), who runs the ten or so hives ideally situated on the edge of the woods. The 2 harvests of the year are destined exclusively for Locguénolé to prepare tasty dishes in our restaurants.

The aromatic greenhouse

Locguénolé was no exception to the trend for greenhouses and conservatories, which spread throughout Europe from the 19th century onwards. It was fashionable to grow fruit and vegetables that could be eaten all year round, and nothing was more chic than offering oranges, bananas or pineapples at your own table. In keeping with this tradition, Domaine de Locguénolé has restored its pretty little south-facing greenhouse to grow aromatic plants and fruit, as well as serving as a nursery for young plants.

The orchard

The estate's orchard stretches along the southern edge of the estate, on the edge of the woods. With around twenty particularly generous cider apple trees, the harvest is entrusted to Anthony OLLIERO from Le Pré en Bulles in Plouhinec, an old-fashioned cider-maker who works with slow extraction to produce a cider with character. Our apples are harvested and extracted to produce a single cuvée... the Cuvée du Domaine de Locguénolé. Like our honey, this cider is only available on the estate and for the sole pleasure of our customers.

Restaurants & bars Annabelle

Pastry chef

29 years old

Originally from Morbihan

In the spotlight

Annabelle LEVEQUE

With a wealth of experience under her belt in a number of Michelin-starred establishments, Pastry Chef Annabelle Lévêque wanted to return to her roots and express her talent to the full.
Passionate about local produce, she makes it a point of honour to adapt her creations to the seasons and the many local products she loves to unearth to surprise her guests.

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Experience the maritime epic of the Indian Route. A timeless journey in comfort.

Fabulous wedding couple walking around the castle territory on their festive day.

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Whether you're a professional or a private client, make your guests experience excellence. A wedding in the enchanting setting of the Domaine or a seminar to reflect on.