Our history

A rich and unusual history... of a 4-star hotel in Brittany

With a history spanning more than 300 years, the Domaine de Locguénolé has lived many lives. From its post-revolutionary birth to the creation of a hotel renowned throughout Brittany, Locguénolé has always been a house of women and hearts.

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Early 1700s

The first stones

The manor house was built alongside a fortified 16th-century castle several kilometres away, which was destroyed during the French Revolution.

Stone manor house, classic architecture - 4 star hotel Bretagne

Early 1800s

Locunolay before Locguénolé

Construction of Château de Locunolay (the original name of the locality) by Count César de la Tour Maubourg (1756-1832). The château remained the main residence of the De Perrien family and their descendants, the De la Sablière family, who created the hotel in 1966.

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A Relais & Châteaux establishment

The château became a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux association (the first in Brittany) and never left.

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Michelin star

La Table du Château was awarded its first Michelin star, followed by a second in 1979, which it retained until 1996. Alyette de la Sablière, who owned the property at the time, gave this emblematic Morbihan restaurant its letters of nobility.

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Beautiful Life Hotels

The château was bought by the young Breton hotel group Beautiful Life Hotels, which now has around ten properties, mainly in the Grand Ouest region between Saint-Malo and La Rochelle, as well as Dinard, Brest, Carnac and La Baule...

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Experience the maritime epic of the Indian Route. A timeless journey in comfort.

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Seminars &

Whether you're a professional or a private client, make your guests experience excellence. A wedding in the enchanting setting of the Domaine or a seminar to reflect on.